Black Friday is supposed to be the best time to pick up electronics, but for some odd reason this new discount for a PS5-compatible NVMe SSD is better than anything offered last week. Head over to Amazon, and you’ll find the 1TB Crucial P5 Plus Internal SSD with Heatsink for $50–its lowest price ever.

Installing the internal SSD is a bit more complicated than simply plugging it into a port on the back of the console, so be sure to check out our PS5 SSD installation guide if you need help.

If you need more space, you’ll find the 2TB Crucial T500 Gen 4 Internal SSD with Heatsink for $125, offering more storage and speeds up to 7,400MB/s. Alternatively, you can buy the same 2TB SSD without a heatsink for $102 and pair it with a $9 heatsink. And if you’re looking for other hardware, a bunch of other Crucial gadgets are on sale, including portable drives and RAM kits.

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