Back in 1999, Infogrames launched Slave Zero, a 3D action game brimming with robots, guns, and explosions. Other than a PC port, the franchise had gone dormant, but now Ziggurat Interactive has purchased the IP and is bringing it back with a new perspective in Slave Zero X, a prequel to the original game, which launches February 21.

Slave Zero X tells the story of Shou, who merges with a prototype combat robot in order to fight the violent dictator of Megacity S1-9. Where its predecessor focused on 3D action, this new entry will switch to a side-scrolling, 2.5D hack-and-slash approach, with a focus on constant movement, dodging, and lengthy combos using swords and projectiles.

Along with the core campaign mode, the game will feature a post-story mode called Bloody Palace, which will offer players more difficult challenges. It will also feature a full training mode offering a way to practice combos and attacks before challenging both the story and the Bloody Palace mode.

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