World of Warcraft is once again diving into the pool of rare World of Warcraft Trading Card Game mounts for its latest Twitch drop promotion.

From May 9-17, those who watch four hours of WoW: Dragonflight content from approved streamers on Twitch will be able to unlock the Blazing Hippogryph, a mount once exclusive to the now-defunct WoW Trading Card Game that ended in 2013. While the mount is the main draw, another formerly TCG-exclusive item is also up for grabs. The Ethereal Portal toy can be claimed by watching four hours of qualifying Dragonflight content from May 2-9. Players will need to link their account with their Twitch account to claim the drops.

While the cards associated with unlocking the Blazing Hippogryph and Ethereal Portal in-game can still be used to do so (via a 25-digit code scratch-off code included on each card), their steep price on sites like eBay made it so only the most dedicated mount or toy collectors ever got the chance to add these to their respective collections. A Blazing Hippogryph card with an unused code can sell for upwards of $2,000 on eBay, with the Portal Stone card used to unlock the Ethereal Portal going for several hundred dollars.

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