It’s no secret that Starfield is a very large game. Bethesda’s first new IP in 25 years has no shortage of things to do, with over 1,000 planets for players to explore, countless spaceship battles to engage in (or run from), multiple outposts to build, loads of resources to mine, various aliens to study (or fight), four companion characters to romance, a seemingly endless amount of gear to steal, sell, or modify, and loads of other in-depth features (like ship-building and ship-stealing). The game’s launch was highly successful, with over 1 million players concurrently exploring the game on launch day, beating Skyrim’s concurrent player record on Steam and earning Bethesda a good chunk of change in the process. So the news that over a quarter of the gamers playing Starfield on Xbox have failed to even launch themselves into space–is rather surprising, to say the least.

“For All, Into The Starfield” is the first achievement players can earn in the game. It’s not a difficult feat by any means–in fact, unlocking the achievement is almost an inevitability, as all it requires is for players to launch themselves into space for the first time. In a game about space exploration, one would think most players would have earned this achievement by now. But only 75% of Xbox players have unlocked the “For All, Into The Starfield” achievement (via TrueAchievments), meaning a quarter of Xbox players have yet to board the Frontier and grav-jump into the unknown.

Without spilling any major spoilers, Starfield’s opening scenes take place on the planet Vectera, in the Narion system. Players take part in some resource-mining, stumble across an unexpected interstellar surprise, enter character creation, and briefly meet their first romanceable companion, Barrett. After a short firefight that serves more as a tutorial than a challenge, players gain access to Barrett’s ship, the Frontier, and are given orders to fly to Constellation Headquarters in New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri region. Upon launching into space, the “For All, Into The Starfield” achievement unlocks. So why do so many players lack this achievement, and what on Earth (er, Vectera) are they doing in Starfield if not exploring the stars?

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