A new spin on the fighting genre appeared at the PC Gaming Show, as Modus Games unveiled Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age, a two-on-two fighter with a unique lane-based system in each stage.

Each Diesel Legacy match will see all four fighters on the battlefield at the same time, with the arena divided into a top, middle, and bottom lane. Fighters can switch between lanes at will, which can open opportunities for surprise attacks and offer a quick retreat, and should one of the players lose, they can still assist their partner through parries and other abilities.

Diesel Legacy uses Modus’s proprietary “RealMatch” rollback netcode system for online battles, which a press release says will ensure “you don’t miss a single punch in any online match.” The game will also feature a full story mode and training suite, as well as a unique replay system that will not only let players rewatch previous matches, but it will also let them jump back into a match from the replay in order to practice specific situations.

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