If you’re in the market for a new gaming keyboard, 8BitDo’s mechanical keyboard offers stellar performance at its price point as well as a very cool design. 8BitDo’s Fami Edition keyboard has a color scheme that pays homage to the Nintendo Famicom, responsive switches, multiple wireless connectivity options, and great customization features. Right now, you can purchase this 8BitDo keyboard for only $80 at Woot. This matches the best price we’ve seen. It’s worth noting. the last time Woot had this deal, it wasn’t available for long.

Alternatively, you can grab the NES-inspired model for $90 directly from Amazon. The Fami edition is also available for $90 at Amazon. And just like other 8BitDo products, you’re getting a whole lot of value for the price–it’s a fantastic keyboard.

A standout feature of the keyboard is its Dual Super Buttons. These are found on a separate gamepad and are essentially two additional programmable keys. Best of all, you can quickly map different functions to the buttons without the need for software.

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