The 8BitDo Ultimate was already one of the best third-party PC controllers on the market, and now it’s grown more enticing with the addition of Hall Effect analog sticks to the 2.4GHz model. These drift-resistant sticks were previously only available on the Bluetooth model–but now they’re supported on all wireless controllers in the Ultimate lineup. Along with new sticks, 8BitDo announced a new purple color for the Ultimate, and it might be the best-looking controller in its catalog.

Also, note that the old ALPS sticks are still available for most models–though we’d recommend sticking with the superior Hall Effect ones since both models retail for the same price

If you’re interested in using the 8BitDo Ultimate on Nintendo Switch, you’ll want to pick up the Bluetooth model. There’s nothing new about any of these (they’ve always used Hall Effect sticks), but they remain among the best Switch controllers of 2024.

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