There’s no shortage of great mechanical keyboards on the market, but few are as intriguing as the 8BitDo Retro Fami Edition. Along with the usual features you’d expect a mechanical keyboard to offer–such as responsive switches, multiple connectivity options, and customization software–it features a stylish, Famicom-inspired design. Typically sold for $100, it’s now available for its lowest-ever price of $80. Alternatively, you can grab the NES-inspired model for $90 directly from Amazon. And just like other 8BitDo products, you’re getting a whole lot of value for the price–it’s a fantastic keyboard.

A standout feature of the keyboard is its Dual Super Buttons. These are found on a separate gamepad and are essentially two additional programmable keys. Best of all, you can quickly map different functions to the buttons without the need for software.

Aside from the external Dual Super Buttons, the keyboard also uses A and B buttons near the spacebar, which can also be programmed for additional functionality. We’ve gone hands-on with the keyboard to test out all these features and found it to be a superb product. Not only is it responsive and durable, but it looks great in the home office. Even at the $100 price point, the keyboard is well-worth considering, so this $80 offer is a steal

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