There are several great deals on multiple Nintendo Switch Pokemon titles available from various online retailers.

The biggest discount is for Pokemon Shining Pearl at Amazon, which is down to just $39.97 (normally $60). Shining Pearl’s counterpart, Brilliant Diamond, is also on sale at Amazon for $46.70 (normally $60). Both games are eligible for Prime one- or two-day shipping, depending on where you live. If you’re hankering for an old-school Pokemon adventure, this is a great way to get your fix.

Anyone looking to catch up on the latest Pokemon games can grab Pokemon Violet for just $50.60 (normally $60) or Pokemon Scarlet for $53.90 (normally $60) over at Walmart. Walmart also has a dual pack bundle that includes both Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet for just $104. Note that you must add the games to your cart to see the discounted prices. Pokemon Legends Arceus is also on sale at Walmart for $49.20 when you buy online (normally $60).

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