A survival horror game like Alan Wake 2 certainly doesn’t lack tense moments and frantic action. Naturally, that goes hand in hand with the guns that you’ll acquire as you progress through the campaign. Our guide discusses all the weapons in Alan Wake 2 that you can get as either Alan or Saga. We also talk about the puzzles that you need to solve to obtain some of them.

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  • How to get all weapons in Alan Wake 2
    • Saga’s weapons
      • Pistol
      • Sawed-off Shotgun
      • Crossbow
      • Hunting Rifle
      • Pump-action Shotgun
    • Alan’s weapons
      • Revolver
      • Flare Gun
      • Double-barreled Shotgun

How to get all weapons in Alan Wake 2

The weapons in Alan Wake 2 include the Pistol, Sawed-off Shotgun, Crossbow, Hunting Rifle, and Pump-action Shotgun for Saga, as well as the Revolver, Flare Gun, and Double-barreled Shotgun for Alan. You’ll be able to get all of them during the campaign, though some require you to solve tricky puzzles.

Saga’s weapons


  • Chapter: Return 1 – Invitation
  • Location: Available by default

Sawed-off Shotgun

  • Chapter: Return 2 – The Heart
  • Location: Cauldron Lake – You’ll encounter your first Taken enemy in the General Goods Store. It will barge through the wall, revealing this armament in a display case. Needless to say, you’ll rely heavily on this weapon in Alan Wake 2.
  • Puzzle clue: The clue pertains to the note next to the cash register (705, 713, 717, and 723), and the lottery ticket (05-13-17-23-39-45).
  • Puzzle solution: 739
Check the note and lottery ticket (left), so you can open the Sawed-off Shotgun's display case (right).


  • Chapter: Return 3 – Local Girl
  • Location: Watery – Found inside a Cult Stash near the hut/save point in the northeastern part of the map.
  • Puzzle clue: A note implies that someone used the Crossbow for some target practice. The bolts represent the correct sequence for the written numbers on the poles.
  • Puzzle solution: 527
The bolts and written numbers give you a hint for the Crossbow.
The bolts and written numbers give you a hint for the Crossbow.

Hunting Rifle

  • Chapter: Return 5 – Old Gods
  • Location: Wellness Center – Upon reaching the security room, you’ll find several documents, as well as a terminal. There’s also a door nearby that doesn’t have a doorknob.
  • Puzzle clue: There are several clues in this room:
    • The documents tell you of someone who was inducted into the cult, as well as the use of European dating system (i.e. day, month, year).
    • The calendar also shows the date of the new moon in August.
  • Puzzle solution: 17-08-23 – Once you’ve input this in the terminal, you’ve got a few more tasks left to do:
    • Use the terminal to open the sliding doors.
    • Enter the room that’s adjacent to the receptionist’s office, then pick up the doorknob from the desk.
    • Place the doorknob in the doorway that’s missing one and grab the Hunting Rifle from the locker.
    • Note that this room also has a Taxidermy Deer Head.
You'll need to check clues, such as the calendar (left), just to get the doorknob (middle). You can then get the Hunting Rifle (right).

Pump-action Shotgun

  • Chapter: Return 6 – Scratch
  • Location: Sheriff’s Station – This Alan Wake 2 weapon is inside a display case in Tim Breaker’s Office.
  • Puzzle clue: You’ll notice a three-part book series about UFOs:
    • These are written by Quincey, Batston, and Westmore.
    • A note shows how the letters are numbered–i.e. I=9, J=0, K=1, and so on.
    • We then need to check the first letter of each author’s surname and the corresponding number based on the clue: Q=7, B=2, W=3.
  • Puzzle solution: 7-2-3
The authors of the book series (left) hint at the code that unlocks the Pump-action Shotgun's display case.

Alan’s weapons


  • Chapter: Initiation 2 – Casey
  • Location: The Dark Place – Found in the alleyway after Alan encounters another character in a cutscene.

Flare Gun

  • Chapter: Initiation 4 – We Sing
  • Location: Talk Show Studio – We don’t want to spoil what happens here, but you do come across this Alan Wake 2 weapon as you’re making your way through the level. You can’t miss it.
Alan picks up the Flare Gun as part of the We Sing chapter.
Alan picks up the Flare Gun as part of the We Sing chapter.

Double-barreled Shotgun

  • Chapter: Initiation 5 – Room 665
  • Location: Oceanview Hotel – You’ll go through the alleyway and rooftops to reach the sky deck of the Oceanview Hotel. Just across from the entrance, you’ll notice a bar that’s already closed.
  • Puzzle solution: Walk closer to the bar and use your Angel Lamp. It seems the bar is open, and you’ll see a menu (which also has the code for the Oceanview Hotel). Stay at that spot then use the Angel Lamp again. You’re still in the interior even though the bar is closed. Go ahead and grab this firearm off the rack.
Use the Angel Lamp to go from the exterior of the bar (left) to the interior that has the Double-barreled Shotgun (right).

These are all the weapons in Alan Wake 2. Alan himself doesn’t have a lot of armaments, though he does gain some nifty Words of Power perks. Saga, meanwhile, has a lot of firearms at her disposal. Don’t forget that you can unlock Saga’s weapon upgrades by spending the materials found in lunchbox collectibles.

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