Sony’s DualSense controller is an advanced piece of gaming hardware that comes with a high price tag, but right now, you can save big on these excellent peripherals at several retailers. While you’ll usually pay between $70-$75 for a DualSense controller–depending on the color variant that catches your eye–you can now grab a DualSense for just $50 at major retailers. That’s a 33% discount and one that rarely comes around for one of these devices. The DualSense deal is part of PlayStation’s Back to School sale, which also includes the PS5 console for only $450.

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  • White — Amazon | Best Buy
  • Midnight Black — Amazon | Best Buy
  • Galactic Purple — Amazon | Best Buy
  • Gray Camouflage — Amazon | Best Buy
  • Starlight Blue — Amazon | Best Buy
  • Cosmic Red — Amazon | Best Buy
  • Nova Pink — Amazon | Best Buy
DualSense controller
DualSense controller

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