Kehjistan is in the southwestern part of Diablo 4’s open world, featuring a vast desert. This region of the map is also where some of the game’s PvP regions are located as well. Scattered throughout Kehjistan are 31 Altars of Lilith, collectibles that awarded stat bonuses and other perks for finding them. While finding all of them can be time consuming, we have a full map showing the location of all 31 Altars of Lilith located in Kehjistan.

All Kehjistan Altar of Lilith locations

North Kehjistan

North Kehjistan Altars of Lilith
North Kehjistan Altars of Lilith

South Kehjistan

South Kejistan Altars of Lilith
South Kejistan Altars of Lilith

There are 31 Altars of Lilith scattered in Kehjistan. Similar to the altars found throughout all of Diablo 4’s regions, these altars can be a bit hidden. If you arrive in an area and can’t find an altar, start checking small paths and nooks on the map in the local area. Some altars are also located at the bottom of cliffsides, so you may need to travel around to the other side of the area. Other altars are hidden behind breakable objects or inside buildings. There are even a few altars inside Strongholds–special enemy fortresses that need to be conquered.

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What do the Altars of Lilith do?

Collecting an Altar of Lilith in Diablo 4 provides two types of benefits. The first is the more immediate bonus, which provides a permanent benefit to all of your characters in that same world. This bonus can include increased maximum health, increased maximum Murmuring Obols capacity, and flat stat boosts, like +2 Dexterity.

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