In Lego Fortnite you will unlock many recipes as you play. These recipes can be used at different crafting machines to build various items, with more recipes being unlocked as you find new materials. Once you have found all of the needed materials for a craft, the recipe is automatically unlocked. Some recipes are locked behind certain upgrades and milestones, like upgrading the crafting bench or upgrading your village ranking. Below you can find every recipe in Lego Fortnite, sorted by the crafting machine the item is made at.

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  • Building Recipes
  • Crafting Station Recipes

Building Recipes

While you can build custom structures using individual pieces, you can also unlock prebuilt structure recipes. These structures require a large amount of materials, but you don’t have to do the work of making a unique structure.

Recipe Materials
Log Lookout

Wood x7

Plank x2

Simple Shack Wood x13
Double Shack Wood x29
Roomy Shack Wood x50
Porch Shack Wood x51
Log Shed Wood x41
Palisade Gate Wood x22
Log Cabin Wood x83
Log Watch Tower

Wood x103

Plank x10

Log Home Wood x169

Granite x187

Wood x59

Pleasant Pavilion

Granite x52

Wood x48

Detached Garage

Granite x88

Wood x17

Grand Palace

Wood x223

Vines x219

Granite x152

Frostpine x91

Jumbo Lodge Wood x218
Lonely Lodge Wood x367
Palace Gates

Granite x31

Wood x19

Frostpine x12

Palace Tower

Wood x323

Granite x138

Vines x125

Frostpine x109

Palace Pavilion

Granite x52

Wood x48

Roomy Home

Granite x215

Wood x72

Knotroot x1

Spacious House

Granite x215

Wood x72

Knotroot x1

Starter Palace

Vines x36

Wood x41

Granite x15

Frostpine x10

Tiered Palace

Vines x100

Wood x100

Granite x31

Frostpine x20

Crafting Station Recipes

Crafting Stations are the various machines and tools you will use to refine materials and craft important items, such as food and tools.

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