During chapter 4 of Alone in the Dark you will end up in the Medical Ward. During this time you will need to assemble an X-ray scan of someone’s brain to continue. While this type of brain scan isn’t typically an X-ray in modern medicine, the game’s post-World War 1 setting means that this is what was available at the time. In order to assemble the X-ray correctly, you will need to pick the three pieces that fit together and rotate them to complete a brain with a tumor in the center of it.

How to solve the X-Ray puzzle

You will need to rotate and place the correct pieces to solve the X-Ray puzzle.
You will need to rotate and place the correct pieces to solve the X-Ray puzzle.

Before you can start the X-Ray puzzle, you will need to gather some pieces first. Mainly, there are two X-ray pieces and two fuses you need to gather around the Medical Ward. Ignoring the Morgue where you start this section of the game, there are three rooms. Two of them are unlocked, with the third requiring a key, but the key is in the X-Ray room. Go through the rooms and grab the necessary pieces and return to the room with the X-Ray display on the wall. Next to it is the breaker box. Put the two fuses in and pull the breaker levers. Some levers will go back up when you pull them, but if you work left to right a few times all of them will get pulled down.

Once the power is back on, you can assemble the brain scan. There are five pieces, but you only need three for the solution. There is only one bottom piece, so throw that up first. After that, you need to pick the correct left and right pieces. This is fairly easy, as the two incorrect pieces are way too big for the bottom piece. Once you have the three right pieces you need to rotate them to fit in a way that shows one complete brain scan with no overlaps. Your placement does not register until you set the piece down, if you are holding the piece it won’t lock in, even if you have the rotation right.

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