For anyone looking to score a terrific bargain on some recently released video games, Amazon is now hosting one of its buy two, get one free mix-and-match sales ahead of Black Friday 2023. As the title suggest, you’ll be able to purchase three games, with the cheapest one in your cart being free when you check out. So far, we’re seeing some of the biggest games of the year appear in this promotion, and it’s worth pointing out that this special is running across several categories that’ll allow you to mix and match your choices across games, books, toys, and more categories.

Amazon B2G1 free sale
Target B2G1 free sale

As long as the items are eligible, you can throw them into your online basket and take advantage of the special to get a big discount. For now, we’re focusing purely on the games in this list, although you can check out our rundowns on books and manga box sets as well. Another thing to point out is that you may have to go through the “Other Sellers on Amazon” option, as several third-party merchants will attempt to better Amazon’s prices. Only games sold directly through Amazon are eligible for this promotion, but the list below has filtered out other merchants so that you won’t be left out.

As for the games? There’s a fantastic number of them that you can choose from, including recent releases like Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Mortal Kombat 1, Sonic Superstars, and Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. All these games launched over the past couple of months. Other highlights include the time capsule that is Metal Gear Solid: The Master Collection Volume 1, 2022 GOTY Elden Ring, and demonic dungeon-crawling in Diablo 4. Even better, several of these games are on sale so you’ll save even more in the process.

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