There are hundreds of board games on sale at Amazon for Black Friday 2023, and if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, there are a handful of deals you’ll want to check out before the shopping holiday comes to a close. Along with steep discounts on the Lord of the Rings: Card Game, a bunch of iconic LOTR-themed games are on sale, including Risk and Monopoly.

Best LOTR board game deals

  • LOTR: Card Game Revised Core Set — $42 ($60)
  • LOTR: Angmar Awakened (Hero Expansion) — $32 ($45)
  • LOTR: The Dream Chaser (Hero Expansion) — $32 ($45)
  • LOTR: Dwarves of Durin Starter Deck — $15 ($22)
  • LOTR: The Dark of Mirkwood (Scenario Pack) — $15 ($22)
  • LOTR: Elves of Lorien Starter Deck — $15 ($22)
  • LOTR Card Game: Battle for Middle Earth — $12 ($15)
  • Risk: LOTR Edition — $39 ($56)
  • Monopoly: LOTR Edition — $31 ($45)
  • LOTR: Adventure to Mount Doom — $23 ($30)
  • LOTR: Adventure Book Game — $17 ($35)

Several LOTR card game expansions are on sale, but newcomers will want to start with the Card Game Revised Core Set. It offers everything you need to start the cooperative adventure and is currently listed for its lowest price ever at $42 (down from $60). This revised edition includes all the cards and components required to kick off a four-player quest. Games can last up to two hours depending on how you play, though it’s also possible to roll through a match in 30 minutes if everything goes smoothly.

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

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