If you’re feeling nostalgic for cartridge-based handheld gaming and are a big fan of retro games, Blaze Entertainment’s Evercade will suit you well. The Evercade EXP, the lovely successor to the original handheld, is currently on sale for $133 at Amazon. It comes preloaded with 18 retro Capcom titles and is bundled with the IREM Arcade cartridge. Evercade EXP discounts are rare, so this deal is definitely worth considering. Prime members can get fast and free shipping. If the price is still a bit steep for your liking, check out Blaze’s upcoming Super Pockets, which cost $60 each and support the Evercade cartridge library.

This bundle comes with an IREM cart that includes R-Type, Moon Patrol, In the Hunt, Battle Chopper, Lightning Swords, and 10-Yard Fight. The IREM cart will get you started, but Blaze Entertainment continues to add to its library of carts, with lines focused on classic console and arcade games. As mentioned, the EXP also has a built-in library of Capcom games that are exclusive to the Evercade EXP–you can’t get these on the original Evercade or Evercade VS home console. Here’s a look at all 18 titles that come with your Evercade EXP:

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