Amazon Prime members have a diverse selection of retro-flavored games to look forward to in February, as nuclear wasteland exploration, space-blasting action, and an old-fashioned murder mystery will be available to claim for free through the Prime Gaming hub.

Fallout and Breakout: Recharged kick things off at the beginning of the month. The original Fallout is still a fascinating journey across a world left reeling from the effects of nuclear armageddon. In stark contrast to the modern games, this one is an old-school CRPG. Breakout: Recharged reimagines the original brick-breaking game with slick visuals, more challenging levels, and a catchy soundtrack to listen to, courtesy of award-winning video game composer Megan McDuffee.

Prime Gaming lineup for January 2024

February 1

  • Fallout
  • Breakout: Recharged

February 8

  • Missile Command: Recharged

February 15

  • Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders – Collector’s Edition
  • Tempest 4000

February 21

  • Blade Assault

February 29

  • Gravitar: Recharged
Amazon Prime Gaming lineup for February 2024
Amazon Prime Gaming lineup for February 2024

On February 8, the nostalgia trip continues with Missile Command: Recharged. Just like the original arcade game, this 2022 version is all about defending your cities from a missile bombardment and invading mechanized armies. It’s playable solo or cooperatively, and you can shoot for the top of the leaderboards in this game. February 15 will see two more games arrive in the Prime Gaming Hub, Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders and Tempest 4000. Criminal Archives is a point-and-click mystery game where you’re tasked with solving several murders using your logical powers of deduction, and Tempest 4000 is a cool tube-shooter based on the original Tempest.

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