AMD Ryzen 7 CPUs have proven to be a big hit with PC gamers recently, but it looks like they may have a major issue that users need to watch out for. There have been several reports of AMD Ryzen 7000X3D CPUs burning themselves out over the past few weeks, and it’s possible that a BIOS update will fix the issue.

7800X3D just killed itself and my mobo
by u/Speedrookie in Amd

Redditor Speedrookie posted a few days ago that their 7000X3D CPU deformed in its socket, effectively destroying their motherboard in the process. After some back and forth with AMD, they were able to get the parts returned to the company and a replacement sent out. Speedrookie believes that the issue was caused by an older BIOS version that may have interacted poorly with the CPU’s overclock profile, though that’s really just speculation at this point. GameSpot has reached out to AMD for further clarification on this.

It’s worth noting that ASUS recently removed old BIOS versions from several motherboards, as shown by Twitter user @9550pro, but it’s unclear if that’s related. An overclocker and content creator named der8auer also had an issue with the 7000X3D burning out, though they was clocking it well above what most people would recommend. For now, if you own a 7000X3D, we recommend updating your motherboard’s BIOS and keeping the CPU at its base clock for now.

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