The launch of Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite brought with it the introduction of Conduit, the 25th legend to join the massive roster of playable characters in Respawn’s hit battle royale. Conduit’s launch trailer showed off some of her abilities, including her shield-regenerating tactical ability. In the trailer, this shield-regen skill allowed Conduit and her team to run through Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder ultimate ability and come out on the other side entirely unscathed.

Legend abilities always look larger than life in Apex’s pre-season trailers, but once you’re actually playing the game, it’s easy to feel slightly overwhelmed–even frustrated–especially when you’re unfamiliar with the best way to utilize a new legend’s skills. But whether you’re struggling to master Conduit’s abilities or simply want to refine your skills on the battlefield, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for a breakdown of everything there is to know about Conduit, including how best to use her abilities to carry your team to the win.

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  • Abilities


Conduit’s kit is, naturally, based on Titanfall 2’s Monarch Titan. The Monarch is known for her Upgrade Core, which allows her to boost her combat abilities during a battle, depending on the choices made by her Pilot. Monarch can also siphon power from enemy Titans and use this power to recharge her shields, or those of other friendly Titans. Monarch is the only Titan in Titanfall 2’s multiplayer mode that can gain shields without needing a battery, and Monarch’s influence on Conduit’s battlefield skills is obvious when looking at her abilities, which are listed below.

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