Apex Legends’ upcoming Imperial Guard Collection Event was announced today via a trailer uploaded to the game’s official YouTube channel. But this Collection Event’s ultimate reward is like no other–instead of a Prestige Skin, an Heirloom Weapon, a set of Heirloom Shards, or a mind-bogglingly expensive reactive weapon skin, players who collect all 24 Imperial Guard event cosmetics will unlock a new version of Wraith’s kunai knife.

In addition to the premium cosmetic collection, a series of free rewards will be available to players who earn the 5,000 challenge points required to complete the reward track. But the most exciting feature of the event isn’t just event-exclusive–it’s sticking around. As mentioned in Season 16’s patch notes, Mixtape Mode is set to launch alongside the Imperial Guard Collection Event, and the feature is here to stay even after Imperial Guard ends.

Starting with the launch of Imperial Guard on March 7, Team Deathmatch will be replaced with Mixtape Mode, a permanent new playlist featuring three popular modes that were previously only accessible as part of limited-time events. Mixtape Mode includes TDM, Control, and Gun Run, with each mode rotating every hour. Sadly, Arenas appears to be gone for good, and Respawn has given no indication that players will see the 3v3 mode return to Apex anytime soon. On a brighter note, all modes available via Mixtape will be added to the Private Lobby feature, allowing players to host their own tournaments. The number of players needed to start a match in each mode is as follows:

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