After plenty of leaks and rumors, Arcade1Up has officially revealed its upcoming Time Crisis cabinet. The unit will arrive later this year and costs $750. It’s an authentic recreation of the iconic arcade shooter, complete with two light guns, a vibrant screen, and premium built-in speakers. Arcade1Up also announced new $500 deluxe-edition cabinets of a trio of staples: Galaga, Street Fighter II, and Atari 50th Anniversary.

Time Crisis is the main attraction of Arcade1Up’s latest product, but that’s not the only game you’ll be able to play. Here’s a look at the four titles preinstalled on the cabinet:

  • Time Crisis
  • Point Blank
  • Steel Gunner
  • Steel Gunner 2

Keep in mind that this is the original Time Crisis from 1995–not one of the many sequels you’ll often find in modern arcades. However, the first in the series is often regarded as the best, so if you haven’t had a chance to experience the game that kickstarted the genre, this is the best way to check it out.

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