The Asus ROG Ally has been hyped up as the biggest competition to the Steam Deck in the handheld gaming PC space. And while we’ve already known about its general tech specs, its price and release date have now been officially revealed during the company’s launch event. The Asus ROG Ally will launch on June 13 for $700 USD, and preorders are now open on Best Buy.

On paper, the ROG Ally has an upper hand on the Steam Deck in several respects. Its AMD Ryzen Z1 processor, which houses a Zen 4 8-core CPU and RDNA 3 GPU rated at 8.6 TFlops, makes it the most powerful handheld PC thus far–for comparison, the Steam Deck uses a Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 GPU rated for 1.6 TFlops. The ROG Ally also features a higher resolution IPS screen at 1080p with up to a 120Hz refresh rate, compared to Steam Deck’s 1280×800 60Hz display. Another notable spec is the relatively lighter weight at 608 grams (1.34 lbs) whereas the Steam Deck weighs in at 669 grams (1.47 lbs).

You can check out the full list of the Asus ROG Ally tech specs in the table below.

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