There’s no shortage of third-party Switch controllers, but the 8BitDo Sn30 Pro is one of the best. It’s even more enticing for Switch and PC players, as it’s currently on sale at Amazon for just $36–one of the lowest prices we’ve seen all year. Here’s a closer look at the unique gamepad to help you decide if it’s worth the investment.

Regardless of which you pick, you’ll be treated to rumble vibration, motion control (on Switch only), a turbo function, and USB-C support. The gamepad itself is built to the high standards of 8BitDo, with responsive face buttons, springy triggers, and two full-size joysticks.

It’s essentially a standard Switch Pro controller–minus the hefty price tag and with a retro design that still manages to offer all of the inputs you need to play modern games, too.

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