Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with many romantic escapades. One of these happens to involve someone who you might not trust initially, though this person seems to be on your side. Our guide discusses the Baldur’s Gate 3 Emperor romance, and what it entails. Likewise, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers.

How to Romance the Emperor in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Emperor romance happens in a dream sequence during the third act, just as you’re progressing further in the Lower City. While we’re uncertain about dialogue choices that are required prior to this point, we did include some of the key choices that we made in our playthrough:

  • The Emperor initially appears to you as the Dreamlover/Guardian. We always chose friendly responses when prompted.
  • At the start of Act 3, it’s revealed that your Dreamlover is actually an Illithid Mind Flayer known as the Emperor. Make sure you side with it in the Astral Plane battle. Choosing to kill it would be a terrible idea, as that leads to a game over.
  • It’ll ask if you want to “evolve” so you can learn high-tier Illithid Powers. We accepted this offer.
  • A few long rests later, the Emperor will confide in you that it misses its old partner, Duke Stelmane. It also opens up a bit more. Pick friendly/positive responses, such as saying that it doesn’t sound like a Mind Flayer at all. Choose to hold its hand when prompted.
  • Once you reach the Lower City, it’ll tell you about a hideout as part of a side quest. We did obtain the treasure in the lair, though we’re not sure if that had any bearing.
The Emperor just wants a friend... with benefits?
The Emperor just wants a friend… with benefits?

Love Scene: Titillating Tentacles

You’ll have the Baldur’s Gate 3 Emperor romance love scene opportunity in another dream sequence. As far as we can tell, this won’t affect your active romance with a chosen companion. In any case, when prompted, respond with:

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