With the Super Mario Bros. Movie ready to become one of the biggest video game films of all time, Nintendo isn’t wasting the chance to roll out some extra merchandise to take advantage of Mario-mania. While the official action figures for the film are great–especially the Bowser toy–fans looking to spice up their Mushroom Kingdom collection will be happy to know that an official Mario hot sauce collection is now available. We haven’t tried the Super Mario hot sauces, but Truff is well-known in the gourmet sauce scene. Please note: Whether or not these hot sauces will light your butt on fire depends on your propensity to let’s-a-go to the toilet after consuming spicy foods.

Time for some Truff love.
Time for some Truff love.
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This little bundle from Truff includes three bottles of sauce to sear your tastebuds with. Inspired by the film and retro games, each bottle includes a geometric-shaped cap and a label featuring a main character from the film. The trio of bottles are packaged in a collectible box that’ll set you back $70.

Mario adorns the red “Hotter Sauce” bottle, Toad is the star of the original hot sauce bottle, and Princess Peach’s container is not for the faint-hearted as her bottle contains the “White Hot” sauce. You might want to have a very big glass of milk nearby if you use her sauce on your food.

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