In-person conventions like San Diego Comic-Con are great for picking up exclusive merch, but those who can’t attend SDCC this week can now purchase Blizzard’s SDCC-exclusive products at the Blizzard Gear Online Store. The lineup includes official figures, plushes, and clothing for the studio’s latest games, Diablo IV and Overwatch 2, made exclusively for this year’s convention.

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On the Overwatch 2 side, there are new Funko Pop figures for Cassidy, Echo, and Reaper, and each is available for $20. You can also grab adorable plushes of Pachimari for $25 or Akari's Fox companion from Kiriko’s animated short for $30. Speaking of Kiriko, there’s also a wearable replica of the healer's iconic headband available for $25.

The Diablo IV’s merch includes a limited-edition plush of the Goatman enemy for $30 and a six-inch replica of the Hell Key item–the same key Lilith uses to enter Hell in the game’s story–for $35. A few pieces of Diablo IV-themed clothing are also available.

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