If you’re thinking about branching out from video games into the wonderful world of board games, now is a great time. More than a dozen board games based on hit video games are discounted at Amazon, giving you a chance to step away from the TV and hunker down at a table for a night of old-school gaming.

Resident Evil 3: The Board Game might be the most enticing option right now, as it’s discounted to just $53 (down from $100). A single game can take up to two hours to complete, as you and up to three other friends work together to try and find a way out of Raccoon City. It’s a pretty intense game–the age recommendation is 14 and up–but no doubt it’s a great option for fans of the series, especially at this new low price. You’ll also find Resident Evil 2: The Board Game available for $70.

For more family-friendly options, consider checking out the Kingdom Hearts: Perilous Pursuit Board Game for $30 (down from $60) or the Cuphead: Fast Rolling Dice Game for $47 (down from $60). The Cuphead game is a charming and fast-paced ode to the video game, with a retro art style and gameplay that sees you battling against iconic enemies from the game. The Kingdom Hearts spin-off is a bit more complex, although you’ll still encounter plenty of familiar faces and a single game should take less than an hour.

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