Rumors of Borderlands 4 being in development have sprung up again, as an actor listed working on the game in their online resume. While that credit has been deleted, actor Angie Jho Lee caught the attention of Borderlands fans (via Reddit) with a “Voice Over” section on her CV that listed Borderlands 4 and her role as “Aiyumi” in that rumored game. However, it turns out that this was a misunderstanding regarding the name of a future Borderlands project, and one that is not actually Borderlands 4.

“Actor Angie Jho Lee is a voice actor on Genvid Entertainment’s upcoming interactive streaming series, Borderlands EchoVision Live, which was announced at San Diego Comic-Con last month,” a spokesperson for Genvid told GameSpot.While the series takes place within the Borderlands universe and is made in partnership with Gearbox Entertainment, it is not a Borderlands game. We reached out to Angie and asked her to make this change on her personal account to reflect the accurate role with the interactive series. More information on Borderlands EchoVision Live can be found in this press release as well as its official website here.”

In another deleted listing, producer Nadia Danova also mentioned having worked on Borderlands 4 on their LinkedIn ahead of a 2023 release for the game, although it’s worth noting that this was two years ago when they were employed at developer MoGi Group back in 2021.

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