Over at Fanatical, you can grab up to seven PC games for as little as $1.43 each with the Build Your Own Trinity bundle deal. The bundle comes in three options, starting at $5 for three games, then moving up to $8 for five games, and $10 for seven games.

Like other Fanatical build-your-own deals, you get to pick which games you want in your bundle, selecting from a list of 16 possible titles. This particular batch include first-person shooters like Homefront: The Revolution and Painkiller: Black Edition, and RPGs like Tokyo Xanadu eX+ and Zengeon.

Racing games and vehicle simulators also make up nearly half of the list of possible games, including the retro-styled Super Indie Karts, combat racer Crashday Redline Edition, and minimalist F1 sim Race Condition, just to name a few. There are also visual novels, arcade action games, and open-world survival titles to pick from. The full list of games is listed below.

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