The new indie monster-catching RPG Cassette Beasts launched today for PC and console, and for a limited time, you can grab the Steam version for 20% off at Fanatical. This special launch week deal lasts until May 3 and applies to the standard and deluxe editions of the game. It’s also a much better offer than Steam’s own 10%-off launch price.

Thanks to this deal, the Cassette Beasts standard edition is down to $16 (normally $20), while the deluxe version is down to just $24.45 (normally $36). You’re actually saving around 33% on the deluxe edition, which is once again more than Steam’s 20% discount. The deluxe edition includes a bonus digital artbook, soundtrack, and DLC costume pack. Purchasing either version of the game also grants you a bonus 5% off coupon you can apply towards a future Fanatical purchase.

See Cassette Beasts at Fanatical

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