Pokemon might be best known for its ever-growing lineup of Nintendo games and Pokemon TCG, but there’s also a massive collection of Pokemon manga to enjoy. Catching up on all the action typically isn’t cheap, but right now a variety of Pokemon box sets are on sale at Amazon, giving you a chance to snag a bunch of books for low prices.

  • Pokemon Adventures (7-Volume Set) — $33 ($55)
  • Pokemon XY Complete Box Set (12-Volume Set) — $37 ($55)
  • Pokemon Adventures Ruby and Sapphire Box Set (Volumes 15-22) — $39 ($60)
  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure Box Set (8-Volume Set) — $36 ($60)
  • Pokemon Super Collection Series Books 1-15 Box Set — $39 ($90)
  • Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum Box Set (11-Volume Set) — $70 ($90)

The most affordable box set is for Pokemon Adventures, which is just $33 (down from $55). The seven-volume set includes over 1,500 pages of action, along with a collectible poster as an added bonus. Pokemon Adventures was written by Hidenori Kusaka and has been running for over 20 years–so if you want to catch up without breaking the bank, consider starting with this steeply discounted box set.

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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure box set is down to only $35.63 (normally $60). This eight-volume set includes 1,504 pages of adventures as well as a collectible poster.

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