Madden NFL 24 is now available, and Antonline is celebrating by giving you a chance to win an exclusive Madden 24-themed Xbox Series S. The limited-edition console isn’t available in stores, so if you want to get your hands on it, you’ll need to enter Antonline’s giveaway. Better yet, you can cash in on another deal that lets you snag a free game when purchasing an Xbox Series S–here’s a look at the Xbox events available at Antonline until August 26.

Madden NFL 24 Console Giveaway

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Looking to get an Xbox Series S into your game room without dropping any cash? Then be sure to check out the Antonline giveaway, which is awarding a lucky winner with the custom Madden 24-Themed Xbox Series S Console + Controller. You have until August 26 to enter the giveaway. A bunch of additional prizes will also be up for grabs, and you can even tune in to a Twitch stream with NFL Legend Ahman Green from 1 PM to 5 PM ET. Be sure to check it out for a chance to get your hands on free gear without dropping any cash. Here are the steps to enter:

  1. Follow @antonlinecom on Twitter
  2. Follow antonline on Twitch
  3. Visit @antonlinecom on Instagram
  4. Follow @antonlinecom on TikTok
  5. Visit @antonlinecom on Facebook
  6. Retweet antonline’s #MaddenMayhemGiveaway announcement
  7. Visit the antonline “Buy an Xbox Series S Get a Free Game page”
  8. Tweet @antonlinecom using the hashtag: #MaddenMayhemGiveaway
  9. Refer friends for additional entries

Best Xbox Bundle Deals

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While the chances of winning the giveaway might be slim, everyone can save some cash by checking out another promotion available at Antonline that bundles together a free game with your purchase of an Xbox Series S.

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