Fisher-Price’s Little People toy line was originally designed for toddlers, giving them adorable action figures to play with that contained no small pieces and were safe for children over the age of one. That’s changed a bit with the Collector lineup, which features designs from pop culture icons like Seinfeld, Lord of the Rings, and Barbie. The designs are just as adorable as you’d expect, and the figures are still safe for youngsters, but when’s the last time you heard a baby ask to watch Seinfeld? Anyway, a bunch of the Little People Collector sets are on sale for low prices.

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One of the coolest sets on sale is the aforementioned Little People: Lord of the Rings Set, as it gets you six figures (including Frodo, Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, and Lady Arwen) for just $26 (down from $30). It also comes in unique packaging, with the One Ring encircling the entire cast–so if you don’t want to take them out of the box, you’ll have a cool way to display your collection.

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