Lego Minecraft sets aren’t cheap, and it’s not uncommon to see kits with less than 500 pieces still clocking in at $50. But that’s changing for Black Friday, as right now you’ll find more than a dozen Minecraft sets with steep discounts.

The largest set on sale is the Deep Dark Battle, clocking in at 584 pieces. Down to just $52 from its usual $65, this is one of the best prices we’ve ever seen. Once you’ve snapped together all its blocks, you’ll have an interactive scene with controls to explode a tower or raise the Warden to the top of their throne. Along with the buildable Warden figure, this set includes the elven Arbalest knight and dwarven Netherite knight–plus an assortment of weapons and accessories.

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Other great deals include The Nether Bastion Set for $20.79 (down from $35), The Bakery Building Kit for $15.29 (down from $25), and The Ice Castle for $28 (down from $50). The latter is a particular standout, as this is the lowest price ever–and since it doesn’t frequently go on sale for this big of a discount, this is the perfect time to pick it up.

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