Diablo IV is gearing up to unleash hell on PC and console this June, and if you’re looking to prepare your gaming space ahead of its arrival, then check out this gaming desk mat that captures some of the fine art of the game. Yes, it’s a mouse pad, but a very nice and very wide mouse pad that’s much better than the usual mats you’d pick up in the bargain bin at a PC shop.

It's the GOAT of Diablo IV gaming mats.
It’s the GOAT of Diablo IV gaming mats.
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This particular slice of Blizzard-endorsed utilitarian surface technology is made from 100% polyester, has sublimated Diablo IV graphics, and rubber backing to prevent it from sliding. It’s also 36 inches in width and 15 inches in length, making it big enough for both your keyboard and your mouse. Or just your mouse, in case you have a really low DPI setting and you need all the surface real estate that you can get.

It’s worth noting that preorders for the Diablo IV Limited Collector's Box are still available, too. The box set comes with a bunch of Diablo IV goodies, including an Occult mouse pad (not oversized). Here’s a full list of what you get with the Collector’s Box, but note that it doesn’t come with the game–check out our Diablo IV preorder guide for details on bonuses and various editions).

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