While the Switch Pro controller is a more robust piece of technology to have on hand when you’re playing a game at home, it’s not exactly the most stylish peripheral around. Fortunately, this wireless controller from PowerA isn’t just a solid alternative, but also a flashy substitute that Legend of Zelda fans will appreciate. For Black Friday, you can pick one up for $38.49 (normally $60) and add some Hylian splendor to your gaming setup.

PowerA Legend of Zelda Switch controller
PowerA Legend of Zelda Switch controller
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Like other PowerA premium controllers, this model works on a Bluetooth 5.0 frequency and has a rechargeable battery that offers up to 30 hours of play time. Other neat features include two mappable buttons, embedded anti-friction rings for smooth thumbstick control, a low-battery warning LED indicator, and an ergonomic shape to make it comfortable to hold for long sessions. The D-pad on this is also quite attractive, as it sports a metallic blue finish.

If you do run low on battery power, you can plug in the controller for a recharge and keep playing with the included USB-C charging cable. Additionally, there are some nice accessories to add to your purchase, like a matching Legend of Zelda carrying case for $14 or you can get one with a more minimalist design for $20. You’ll also have a two-year warranty on the controller just in case anything happens during a particularly stressful boss fight against Ganondorf.

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