We’re in a new golden age of television, but between rubbery pirates, ruthless family succession struggles, and dark superhero romps, nothing compares to Columbo, right? Peter Falk’s cigar-chomping LAPD lieutenant was a mainstay of television in the 1970s, a relentless but disarmingly friendly homicide detective who had an unnerving talent for solving even the trickiest of murders.

Yes, it’s the show that your parents remember fondly–and actually regained a popular following during the COVID pandemic–and it’s getting a fresh release on Blu-ray. The box set is priced at $150 and will be released on November 21, just in time to get your nostalgic dad a great Christmas gift. If your loved one only has a DVD player, don’t worry, you can opt for the DVD box set for $35. It comes with all episodes of the show and the 24 made-for-TV Columbo movies.

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Columbo: The 1970s Blu-ray Collection
Columbo: The 1970s Blu-ray Collection

This particular Blu-ray box set collects all the Columbo TV series that ran from 1971 to 1978, while a second box set collecting the revival TV movies that ran from 1989 to 2003 will be released at a later date. Each episode of Columbo is essentially a feature-length film, and for this release, there’ll be commentary tracks for each episode, archival interviews, and feature contributions from Columbo experts Mark Dawidziak and Amanda Reyes.

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