If you’ve poured hundreds of hours into Dark Souls and are looking for your next challenge, consider bringing the adventure to your tabletop with the Dark Souls: Roleplaying Game Source Book. This unique book provides you with everything you need to run a tabletop RPG set in the haunting Dark Souls universe–and it’s currently on sale for just $37 (down from $50) at Amazon–and it’s not the only cool product from the From Software universe up for grabs at a discount.

There’s also a bestiary section to help the GM figure out which monsters would be best suited for taking down their adventurers. And, as you’d expect, the tabletop action is designed to be just as punishing as the original game.

Looking for more fun set in the worlds created by From Software? You can save 20% on the Bloodborne board game at Amazon right now. You should also check out the official Dark Souls and Bloodborne card games.

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