Day Of The Devs has become one of the premier showcases for indie developers to show off their latest games, and the 2023 edition is no exception: 15 new and upcoming indie titles were unveiled during the event, a list which includes new games from some prominent indie teams.

The post-Summer Game Fest event began with Beastieball, which is the latest project from Wishes Unlimited–also known as the team behind 2021’s Chicory: A Colorful Tale. Beastieball is a mixture of volleyball and Pokemon, where players will befriend and recruit Beasties and compete in Beastieball tournaments–matches playing out like turn-based RPG battles. Beastieball is scheduled for a 2024 release, with a crowdfunding campaign set to begin soon.

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Cart Life, which originally released to critical acclaim in 2013 before being pulled from online marketplaces by its creator, was also highlighted during the show. Cart Life is a “slice-of-life simulation” where players control merchants trying to sell different goods on the streets of a city in the western United States. Player choices can influence whether each merchant prioritizes their cart or their life outside of work, which has effects on the overall story.

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