About 75% of the way through the main story of Dead Island 2, you’ll be tasked with finding Dr. Reed’s lab during a mission called The Search For Truth. While we will refrain from going into story spoilers here as much as we can help it, it’s likely you’re reading this because you’re stuck looking for the lab location. It’s a bit tricky, as you only have a surveillance camera image to go by. Skip the wait and use our guide to find it easily.

Dead Island 2 – Where is Dr. Reed’s lab?

Once you arrive in the Ocean Avenue zone of the game’s dozen semi-open hubs, it’s not long before you’re tasked with finding Dr. Reed’s lab. The game usually points you right to an objective, but in this case, you’re given just a surveillance camera image of where the lab is and you’re asked to track it down from there. You can see what looks like garage doors next to a news van, but Ocean Avenue is a big place. But don’t fret. Use our map below to head directly to the secret lab entrance.

Dr. Reed's lab is located in a dead end of the eastern side of the Ocean Avenue region.
Dr. Reed’s lab is located in a dead end of the eastern side of the Ocean Avenue region.

Once you get close, the quest marker will update and story dialogue will occur, confirming you’re in the right place. This isn’t the end of the mission though, and by now you surely know to get ready for a fight for your life. You’ve found the lab; now find a way out of it alive. For more on Dead Island 2, check out our extensive tips and tricks guide.

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