A new season kicks off in Destiny 2 soon, bringing with it a new weekly storyline, changes to the sandbox, and new gear to acquire over several weeks. We’re rounding up all the known and confirmed details on what Season of the Deep has to offer, and while Bungie is remaining tight-lipped on narrative content, the studio has been sharing plenty of details on the evolving landscape of Destiny 2’s gameplay and the changes that’ll be coming next season.

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Start date

Season of the Deep will begin on May 23, after the weekly reset at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. It’s worth noting that if you haven’t purchased the season pass, the cost to grab single seasons is going up in price from 1,000 Silver ($10) to 1,200 Silver ($12).


Sloane also appears to have some Taken energy coursing through her.
Sloane also appears to have some Taken energy coursing through her.

As usual, Bungie is playing its cards close to its chest regarding the storyline for Season 21, but the teaser image that the developer posted did hint at the return of a familiar location and face. With The Witness having succeeded in its plan to gain access to the Traveler, the key art hints that Titan might be accessible once again and Commander Sloane is still alive and now sports a Taken-like arm. Titan has been off-limits–and vaulted–since the Pyramid Fleet first arrived several seasons ago, and beneath the waters of this location, lurks a being that has been described as the “enemy of the Witness” at the end of the Winterbite quest.

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