Destiny 2: Season of the Witch is now live and has introduced a number of Hive-influenced events to the game set against the backdrop of a spooky story. The final stand against Xivu Arath draws closer, the Witch Queen plots to rise from her grave, and you’ll be spending this season tithing power to Eris Morn, who has undergone a shocking metamorphosis. This new season will run from August 22 through November 28, and is the penultimate season before Bungie retires this model for a new episodic approach.

Season 22 introduces a number of updates to Destiny 2, ranging from Exotic armor and Exotic weapon overhauls, a new Elemental Orb system to use in battle, and fine-tuning of several weapon archetypes. As usual, the season pass has some great rewards available on both its free and premium tiers, a new Exotic weapon to add to your collection, and resources to collect to help strengthen your Guardian.

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  • Season of the Witch guides

Season of the Witch guides

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A new season of Destiny 2 brings new challenges and mysteries, and in Season 22, one of the big new additions is an entire deck of powerful Arcana cards. Destiny 2’s take on deckbuilding, the major tarot cards aren’t just for show but can actually be used to enhance your Guardian in battle with a number of beneficial buffs or help you earn more rewards after an activity. There will likely be more secrets to uncover in Season 22, and we’ll update this section with new guides as we dive deeper into the new seasonal activities.

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