Diablo 4 is now officially available in early access for players who preordered its special editions, and as they’ve discovered, the game has launched in a remarkably smooth state. Compared to the infamously rough “Error 37” days that were a lowlight of Diablo 3’s launch back in May 2012, it’s been mostly smooth sailing for Diablo 4 so far.

Once players have their Battle.net accounts set up and are logged in, they’re able to start up a session and hop straight into the demonic action. While there are reports of some PlayStation players running into licensing issues, for the most part, Diablo IV is off to a flying start in its current state and that should allay the fears of anyone who still remembers being able to play its predecessor for days at a time due to the infamous Error 37 bug. As spotted by Kotaku, players online have been expressing just how surprised they are with Diablo IV’s launch.

The main cause of that problem was that the Diablo III servers simply couldn’t handle the strain of so many players, leading to overloaded login servers. Blizzard had underestimated just how big the game’s launch would be, which led to a launch-day disaster for the always-online game. A queueing system on the servers was eventually implemented and helped alleviate the issue, eventually transforming Diablo III into a hell of a good time.

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