Diablo 4 features an open-world version of Sanctuary, which features five different regions. The five regions are Fractured Peaks, Dry Steppes, Hawezar, Kehjistan, and Scosglen. As you advance through the Diablo 4 campaign you will find yourself exploring each of these regions, which all have their own Renown and reward track. Here’s how to earn Renown and what you get for doing it.

How to earn Renown

There are six ways to earn renown in each region, each of which offers a different amount of renown points. Discovering new areas is 5 points, finding Altars of Lilith is 10 points, and activating Waypoints is 20 points. Exploration isn’t the only way to increase your renown though. Completing side quests is worth 20 points, dungeons 30 points, and Strongholds 100 points. With the exceptions of the Strongholds–of which there are three in each region–the exact number of each activity varies from region to region, but the totals are listed in the renown menu. The Renown menu can be accessed via the map menu, which is also where you can claim your rewards for each tier you complete.

The region rewards

While each region offers the same rewards, the number of each task varies.
While each region offers the same rewards, the number of each task varies.

Each region has five tiers of rewards, one reward of bonus XP and gold that is for the specific character you completed it with, and an account-wide reward for all of your characters on that server. Reward tiers four and five cannot be claimed until you unlock World Tier 3 by completing its Capstone Dungeon, which becomes available after beating the campaign and reaching the required level.

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