Diablo 4 Season 2, Season of Blood, has arrived, bringing a ton of vampires to Sanctuary. This new season is all about hunting down these creatures of the night and that includes the new event type, the Blood Harvest. The Blood Harvest is a timed event that takes place in a specific region of the map, combining aspects of both Whispers and the Helltide. This event also involves four new currencies/resources, which can be a bit overwhelming at first. Here’s everything you need to know about the Blood Harvest in Diablo 4.

Blood Harvest basics

The Blood Harvest zone is marked a green overlay.
The Blood Harvest zone is marked a green overlay.

The Blood Harvest is an event that takes place in a specific chunk of the map, indicated by the green coloring, that lasts for one hour before moving to a new location. Within the area you will find an increase in vampiric enemies, who will drop Blood Lures and Potent Blood in addition to earning you Hunter’s Acclaim. Blood Lures are used exclusively inside the Blood Harvest to summon Blood Seekers, vampiric enemies based on the five playable classes, at summoning altars. These altars are marked on the map by a Chalice icon, although those only appear on the map if you are nearby them.

Potent Blood is used to both unlock and upgrade Vampiric Powers, which you unlock after completing the first couple of seasonal quests. These special powers are pretty strong, so unlocking and upgrading them is important. Hunter’s Acclaim is used to level up the Hunter’s Acclaim board, which can be found in most settlements, indicated on the map by a board icon with the seasonal leaf on it. Earning levels in Hunter’s Acclaim earns you various rewards.

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