After a rocky first season, Diablo IV Season 2 is looking to incorporate many of the features fans have been asking about since before the game’s launch, along the way introducing new mechanics for players to sink their teeth into. Called Season of Blood, the next step in Diablo IV’s live-service journey debuted as part of Gamescom Opening Night Live, after which Blizzard shared additional details on what fans can expect come Season 2’s launch in October. Here’s everything we know about what’s coming next to Diablo IV.

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  • Diablo IV Season Of Blood Release Date
  • Diablo IV Season Of Blood New Features And Content

Diablo IV Season Of Blood Release Date

Blizzard had previously said its goal was to release new Diablo IV seasons quarterly, and it looks to be sticking to that vision. Season 2 will start on October 17. That’s also the same day the game’s first season will end, meaning it doesn’t look like there will be any break in between seasonal rollouts. Diablo IV’s major Season 1 patch actually arrived a few days prior to Season of the Malignant’s start date, letting players get their hands on class balance changes and quality-of-life improvements ahead of the arrival of new seasonal content. It’s currently unclear if something similar will happen with Season 2, but Blizzard has pledged to release patch notes at least a week ahead of an update’s release to give the community time to process all the changes.

Diablo IV Season Of Blood New Features And Content

A new season means new gameplay mechanics, and Season 2 will see players embracing vampiric powers and teaming up with a vampire hunter to defeat the latest threat to Sanctuary. The new seasonal questline will introduce the vampire hunter Erys, voiced by actress Gemma Chan in her video game debut. Blizzard has not yet announced what those vampiric powers will look like or how players will unlock and equip them. Alongside a new questline, battle pass, and powers, Blizzard has confirmed that it will add five new endgame bosses. Blizzard has not yet disclosed what all those bosses will be, but said they will include “new and returning foes.” A new way to target-farm for some of the game’s most coveted Unique and Uber Unique items is also coming, though what exactly that will look like remains to be seen.

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