If you’re planning to make a trek to hell–in Diablo IV, of course–you’re going to want to make certain that you’re comfortable for the journey ahead. And if you’re looking to dive into the next in the Diablo series in style, then Secretlab has you covered with its new line of themed and officially licensed Diablo gaming chairs.

Secretlab is offering two new versions of its signature Titan Evo chair, as these editions of the seats are available in either an angelic or demonic finish. If you’d prefer to indulge in your dark side, you can grab Lilith version of the Evo Titan, or if you’d prefer to be more angelic, a chair showcasing the divine might of Innarius is also available.

  • Secretlab Evo Titan Inarius Chair — $624 ($659)
  • Secretlab Evo Titan Lilith Chair — $624 ($659)

The Lilith chair naturally has darker leather colors with hints of red, embossed wings on the side, and a print of the mother of Sanctuary on the back. The Inarius chair has a brighter finish, gold accents, and heavenly runes embossed in select parts of the leather. Both chairs feature the premium features of Secretlab’s Titan line, including magnetic memory foam head pillow, four-way lumbar support, and swappable armrests.

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