Diablo IV’s launch is right around the corner, and Blizzard has now revealed the free rewards players can snag come the game’s release by simply watching along on Twitch.

The free Twitch drops will come in four waves, with each wave bringing unique weapon recolors and a back trophy for one or two of the game’s five starting classes. First up on June 5-11 will be the Rogue and Necromancer. Watching three hours of qualifying Diablo IV content on the streaming platform will unlock the weapon cosmetics, while watching an additional three hours (for a total of six) will unlock the unique back cosmetics.

Next up, from June 12-18, will be the Sorcerer, followed by the Druid on June 19-25, and concluding with the Barbarian on June 26-July 2. Players will need to watch six hours of Diablo IV content on Twitch each week to unlock all the cosmetics, and will need to claim their first, three-hour reward before making progress towards the six-hour one. To do so, players simply need to ensure their Twitch account is linked with their Battle.net account. Though owning a copy of Diablo IV isn’t required to earn the drops, they will expire seven days after being claimed if no Battle.net account is linked.

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