Microsoft has officially revealed its Xbox Series X Diablo IV Bundle, which includes the Xbox Series X console, a wireless controller, a digital copy of the upcoming Blizzard game, and preorder bonuses. Priced at $560, the bundle will launch worldwide alongside Diablo IV on June 6. This works out to a $10 saving versus buying the console and Diablo IV separately.

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Preorder on Microsoft Store

This bundle doesn’t dress the Xbox Series X up in any eye-catching colors, but the retail box does feature Diablo IV antagonist Lilith as she glares into your soul. It’s a very nice box. As for the DLC, you’ll be able to unlock the Light-Bearer mount with Caparison of Faith mount armor, several in-game items, and a few other extras for use in Diablo Immortal and World of Warcraft. These are the same preorder bonuses that come with normal preorders of the game.

The Xbox Series X console, which launched back in November 2020, is one of the best consoles on the market, and combined with Microsoft's Game Pass subscription service, excellent value for money as well. Thanks to the solid-state drive and unique Xbox Velocity architecture, the console loads games incredibly quickly and its Quick Resume function lets you dive back into them within seconds.

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